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  • Many of our engineers were hired to be the core dev team at Oculus (acquired by Facebook for $2.1 Billion)
  • Helped build the engineering team for CTO at Mulesoft (acquired by Salesforce for $6.1 Billion)
  • Targeted and hired 66 talented new employees for an Optical Networking start-up in 4 days in 3 states (acquired by Cisco)
  • Recruited and hired over 100 new employees in 1.5 years from around the globe for Gaikai. In their first year, Gaikai saved $2.2 Million in start-up costs (acquired by Sony for $400 Million)

S.A. Traut Associates is an unparalleled and pedigreed technical and C-level talent acquisition firm that specializes in recruiting and hiring “passive” Super-Engaged (top 1%) talent. S.A. Traut coined the phrase…Super-Engaged. With our outside-the-box and distinctive hourly business model, clients pay no fees and save millions in operating expenditures.

We satisfy critical need position openings for a select group of VIP Fortune 100, venture capital, or privately funded start-ups. Some niche areas of focus are mobile, social e-commerce, SaaS/PaaS platforms, big data analytics, flash storage, cloud, front/back-end app integration, and consulting engineering.

Since its inception in 1993, S. A. Traut Associates has achieved a near 100% success rate in filling critical-need positions. S.A. Traut Associates’ “Program Management Recruiting” service is a time-efficient, cost-effective hourly model, and the proven, optimal human capital solution.

Our goal is to show our VIP clients substantial savings of 25% to 70% when compared to excessive industry recruiting fees by providing them with our innovative “white glove” services…saving clients $1.4 to $2.2 million in recruiting costs.

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We Earn Trusted Partnerships

S.A. Traut Associates earns and builds long-term client partnerships by tailoring our recruiting approach to address each client’s unique needs. If a start-up company hires best in show quality talent (Super-Engaged Employees) with similar personality traits…the new culture will seamlessly evolve.

Our CEO will work side by side with your team in your offices in order to hire the absolute best talent that defines your culture. Our CEO has acted as COO for start-ups on site as well. Correct and smart decisions on many fronts are essential to start-up success. Our CEO is a Corporate Culture Architect and surgical at his craft. We provide innovative and diversified domestic and international recruiting services to select clients because we understand that the Super-Engaged talent is NOT looking to change careers…called the “passive” candidate. 

They are happily employed, but astute enough to recognize opportunities for career enhancement. S.A. Traut specializes in recruiting and hiring this type of candidate only…the top 1%. When our candidates become client employees, they stay for the long-term and make everyone else around them better at their jobs. They make the team better. Our professional services are delivered on a timely basis to satisfy our clients’ critical and emergency staffing needs. We architect, execute and manage the recruitment, closing, and on-boarding process from conception to completion (C2C).

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Targeted and hired 66 new employees for an optical networking start-up in 4 days.

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Architected the growth of Gaikai from 3 Founders to over 100 employees in 1.5 years. Sony acquired Gaikai for $380 Million. Chief Product Officer for Gaikai became CEO of Oculus VR. Our CEO was offered to be full-time lead Executive Recruiter and build the Oculus team in 2012. Do to commitments/promises, he could not take the gig. Oculus was acquired by Facebook for $2.1 Billion in 2/2014. Many of our talent was part of core dev team at Oculus and now leaders at Facebook.

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Hired 38 engineers for Barnes & Noble's Nook Cloud Team in 8 months. Built Sony Playstation's VR and Cloud TV team. Helped build Mulesoft's engineering teams; Built teams for several start-ups who were acquired by Sony, Facebook, Cisco and others and more acquisitions on the way.


David Perry

CEO & Founder Gaikai Inc

Stuart is doing a great job as Gaikai's in-house acting VP, HR and Chief Talent Officer reporting to me. He has recruited the best of the best talent from Australia, the Netherlands, the UK, Russia, Germany, South Korea, France and the US. Gaikai has developed new cloud streaming IP requiring Rock Star quality employees....currently hiring over 90 in just 1.5 years thanks to Stuart. He is the Rolls Royce of recruiting, a terrific negotiator, a Rock Star himself with high integrity and loyalty.

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