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Clients said

David Perry, CEO & Founder

Stuart is doing a great job as Gaikai's in-house acting VP, HR and Chief Talent Officer reporting to me. He has recruited the best of the best talent from Australia, the Netherlands, the UK, Russia, Germany, South Korea, France and the US. Gaikai has developed new cloud streaming IP requiring Rock Star quality employees....currently hiring over 90 in just 1.5 years thanks to Stuart. He is the Rolls Royce of recruiting, a terrific negotiator, a Rock Star himself with high integrity and loyalty.

David Perry, CEO & Founder Gaikai Inc

Stuart is an amazing talent finder. Much more than "just recruiting", he possesses that rare ability to spot in less than five minutes when a candidate is a good fit for the company - not just in terms of skills, but more importantly, in culture fit. Truly a great guy to work with - can't recommend him enough.

Rui Pereira, Co-Founder & CTO Gaikai Inc
Rui Pereira, Co-Founder & CTO

David R. Gaboury, P.E., CEO

S.A. Traut Associates specializes in critical-need, hard to fill senior to C level openings.  Several of Stuart's hires at Terracon are now Principals of the company and have been here for many years.  We have enjoyed a 17 year relationship and I highly recommend Stuart and S.A. Traut Associates.  I will continue to use his services as Terracon continues to grow toward a $1 Billion consulting engineering leader.

David R. Gaboury, P.E., CEO Terracon

Stu's an amazing recruiter: he has an uncanny ability to fish great talent out of a very tough pool; he understands what makes a candidate tick; he's unbeatable at closing strong candidates even when it seems impossible; and he gives them the white glove treatment until and after they join. Stuart just plain "gets" what it takes to bring on great talent over and over again -- a very rare talent. I'd hire him again in a heartbeat.

Uri Sarid, CTO MuleSoft
Uri Sarid, CTO

Edward J. Rogan, P.E., VP

The fact that S.A. Traut Associates has successfully hired 20 personnel in the last 15 months throughout the United States speaks for itself.  More importantly, they have all worked out very well and proven to be strategic hires.

Edward J. Rogan, P.E., VP Woodward-Clyde International

Stuart Trautenberg was Raza Foundries' ace recruiter building several pre-IPO start-ups for us. I recall that each start-up invited Stu to stay on as VP, Human Resources. Stu once hired 66 new employees in 3.5 days. He saved Raza Foundries over $2 million in recruiting fees.

Don Basile, Managing Director Raza Foundries
Don Basile, Managing Director

Don Basile, CEO

Stuart was my go to guy when difficult start-ups needed to be staffed up.  I had him work side by side, in house, with my most challenging CEOs.  Time and time again, Stuart was successful in building our Pre-IPO start-ups in an Incubator VC setting, whether the technology was optical networking, storage, last mile or QOS.

Don Basile, CEO Violin Memory

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